About UsHistory

OTERI (Office Technique de Realisations Industrielles) was created in 1963 by Mr. Samir Arif, a chemical engineer from the University of Lille, France. The company first started as a producer of institutional detergents, textile auxiliaries, and water treatment chemicals. In the late sixties, we added detergent raw materials to our range with a small sodium silicate dissolution plant.

  • In 1973, we moved to our current premises located at about 15 kilometers north of Beirut with facilities covering over 5000 sq. meters. There, the silicate dissolution plant was expanded.


  • In 1989 we built a unit for the production of alkylbenzene sulfonic acid equipped with the latest falling film reactor technology. In the nineties, we became a basic sodium silicate producer with the replacement of our dissolution process to the diffusion process which produces silicate directly by reaction of sand with caustic soda improving our quality as well as strengthening our position on the market.


  • In 2000, we began production of Lauryl Ether Sulfates a basic raw material for the production of shampoo.


Over the years, we have seen a strong expansion of our production coupled with a continuous upgrade of our equipment and processes to insure the highest available quality standards. As a result, we have become the main suppliers of detergent raw materials in Lebanon and our products are approved by the main international household detergent producers.

In parallel, our range of chemical specialties has grown significantly especially in the field of industrial and institutional cleaners where we became a leading market player in the Levant area. We also developped a range of industrial water treatment products, textile auxiliaries and metal treatment products. Our products are now being exported to a number of markets in the Middle East and Africa.