Cleaning & Hygiene

Conveyor Lubrication


Keeping the lines running at maximum efficiency is a primary goal of any bottling plant. The lubicant used has a major contribution in keeping this efficiency at its highest level. We offer a range of lubricants for every type of packing and conveyor from the wet lubricants that provide a string cleaning and disinfecting effect to the dry lubricant which reduce the water consumtion on the line and keep the floors completelly dry. Our staff will help you choosing the right one for your application.




Low foam soap based chain lubricant with cleaning and disinfecting power for conveyors transporting glass bottles, tin cans and other containers, efficient under a wide range of conditions. It will give its full performance witout even with water containing low to moderate hardness.


Soap free synthetic chain lubricant with optimized low foam characteristics as well as sanitizing properties for conveyors transport of glass and PET bottles, tin and other containers.