Cleaning & Hygiene

Personal Hygiene


Preventing cross contamination is an essential part of a hygiene program to avoid potential risks related to the handling of the food by the staff. Frequent hand washing with the appropriate hand soap and disinfectant will ensure that those risks are minimized to the maximum extent.




Hand soap with a powerfull broad spectrum disinfectant very effective in killing all types of bacteria and preventing cross contamination contamination.


FLORAL is mild liquid hand soap with a pleasant fragrance. It has excellent sudsing and cleansing properties while its special formula with a balanced pH leaves the skin soft and smelling well.


SANIGEL is an alcohol based gel used for hand disinfections. Through it controlled evaporation rate and increased contact time with the skin, it will effectively kill microorganism present on the skin. SANIGEL also contains emollient that will keep the skin soft and prevent dryness.