Cleaning & Hygiene

Bottle Washing


Our bottle washing additives will help you optimize your bottle washing operation, reduce carryover, protect your bottlles and obtain sparkling clean bottles even when the quality of the water is questionable.




Additive for caustic soda to be added in the bottle washers. Help protect the glass from caustic corrosion, prevents deposits in the bottle washer and improves the cleaning process by removing tough soild as well as ink residues. Leaves the bottles sparkling clean. 


OTAGLASS L is a non-foaming liquid additive to caustic soda for automatic bottle washers in breweries, carbonated drinks, and mineral water plants. It will boost the cleaning power of caustic soda, prevent deposits, and leave the bottles sparkling clean.


OTAGLASS P-CARB is a complete ready to use low foam liquid detergent for automatic washers for cleaning of polycarbonate containers in the water bottling industry. OTAGLASS P-CARB is alkaline; it will effectively remove soiling, prevent deposits, and leave the containers sparkling clean.